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— Reggie

Reginald[1] "Reggie" Peters[2] is one of the main characters in Julie and the Phantoms. He was the bassist for the band Sunset Curve and is now the current bassist for Julie and The Phantoms.

He is portrayed by Jeremy Shada.


Early Life

Reginald Peters was born sometime between 1977-1978.

Reggie was 17 years old when he died in 1995.

Not much is known about Reggie's home life, other than he lived by the beach and his parents were one fight away from a divorce. It was implied that his parents may have fought about money.

Probably between the late 80’s and the early 90’s, his brother Steve was born. Reggie had a good relationship with him.

Sometime before 1995, Reggie formed a band with his friends Luke, Alex, and Bobby called Sunset Curve. He was their bassist.

On the night of July 22,[3] 1995, Sunset Curve was due to play at a The Orpheum, which has kickstarted many bands careers. According to Luke, "We're playing the Orpheum. I can't even count how many bands have played here and then ended up being huge." After a soundcheck Luke, Reggie, and Alex went to get "street dogs" for dinner, which ended up giving them food poisoning and killing them at age 17, a mere two hours before their performance.

After they died, Reggie, Luke and Alex were trapped waiting for an hour in a "black room," until Julie played their CD, which released them back into the world and into her mom's music studio in 2020. Unbeknownst to them, the trio was stuck for 25 years in the black room.

Reggie was a ladies man — he referred to Rose as "size beautiful" and gave a few other girls Sunset Curve T-shirts, making them squeal and giggle.

Season One

On July 22, 1995 in Hollywood, California Sunset Curve does a soundcheck at The Orpheum (Now or Never) to get Reggie and his friends Alex, Bobby, and Luke Patterson ready for their biggest performance later that night. At the soundcheck Sunset Curve meets a waitress name Rose who said that they are really good. Reggie gives Rose a Sunset Curve demo CD and a Sunset Curve band T-Shirt that Reggie claims is "size beautiful". Sunset Curve are determined that tonight is going to change their lives forever and that they are going to be legends once they performed at The Orpheum later that night, which is known for giving famous bands record deals. The band — save for Bobby - go out to get "street dogs," which, it turns out, were tainted and ended up killing all three of them.

Fast-forward to the year 2020: Julie Molina is cleaning out her mom's studio when she finds Sunset Curve's demo. She plays it, but instead of the music, Reggie, Luke, and Alex appear. Julie tells them that it's been 25 years since they died. The band discovers that they can be heard when they play their music, but Julie tells the three of them that they can't stay in her mom's studio. Luke teleports outside to talk to Julie; Reggie and Alex listen in as she explains how her mom died.

Reggie, Luke, and Alex teleport to sit on the roof of the Orpheum, where Reggie accidentally loses his shirt and Luke explains how he thinks Sunset Curve has been given a second chance to share their music.

The next morning, Reggie, Alex, and Luke teleport back into the studio to find Julie sitting at the piano, playing the song her mom wrote her. (Wake Up)

Alex, Luke and Reggie poofs in Julie's mom old studio. Then Julie's dad Ray walks in with his camera taking pictures of the house for when he puts the house on the market. Ray accidentally walks through Reggie where he claims that he can feel that Ray has a good heart.

He shows up to Julie's school Los Feliz High School with Alex and Luke at the Spirit Rally where Dirty Candy was in the middle of performing Wow.

At one point when Julie and the Phantoms were performing Bright he winks at Kayla. (Bright)

(Flying Solo)

(I Got the Music)

(The Other Side of Hollywood)

(Finally Free)

(Edge of Great)

(Unsaid Emily)

(Stand Tall)



Reggie is very upbeat, bubbly and almost always happy. He can be a bit of an airhead at times though the group still loves him. Reggie finds great comfort in his friends, and very likely finds his happiness through spending time with them He is concerned that about the possibility of no longer being with Alex and Luke once they cross over. Reggie is also always ready to support and give compliments to his friends, such as praising Alex's drumming to Julie's singing.

He is a bit of a flirt. This is demonstrated when he flirts with Rose, flirts with the girls in front of the Orpheum in 1995, winks at Kayla across the room while he's performing Bright, wondering if the cheerleaders at Julie's school noticed him. He also immediately notices when someone thinks he's cute. He never misses a chance to pay a compliment, call someone cute, beautiful, etc.


Reggie has dark brown hair, blue-green eyes, which can appear gray depending on the lighting, with freckles across his face and light skin. He is 5'8. He normally wears a black leather jacket, red flannel shirt, ripped black jeans and black boots. He also often wears a necklace made of black and teal beads and a metal shard strung on it.

Powers and Abilities

  • Teleportation: Ghosts can appear and disappear, travelling great distances instantly.
  • Intangibility: Ghosts have no mass; this gives them the ability to pass through physical matter.
    • Tangibility: With enough concentration, a ghost can touch and interact with objects.
  • Invisibility: After death, ghosts are no longer visible to humans.
    • Conditional Visibility: The ability to be visible only by certain conditions. (The boys can be seen by others when they play music with Julie).
  • Summoning: The power to summon forth an object. (They can only summon their instruments.)
  • Corporealization: The ability to become tangible and solid. (This ability might be temporary.)


Season One

Group Performances



Unnamed father

Unnamed mother


Alex Mercer (bandmate/best friend)

Julie Molina (bandmate/best friend)

Luke Patterson (bandmate/best friend)

Flynn (friend)

Ray Molina (one-sided friend)

Willie (friend)


Caleb Covington

Trevor Wilson (former bandmate/former friend)



  • Has written a song called Home Is Where My Horse Is.
    • Jeremy Shada wrote an unofficial version of Home Is Where My Horse Is inspired by his character Reggie for his YouTube Channel.[4]
    • Reggie writes Country songs in Luke's song book. He is mostly likely is a fan of Country music.
  • Jeremy Shada, who plays Reggie, describes Reggie like “a human Golden Retriever”.
  • In an interview it is said that in the original script Reggie would have had a romance with Flynn (The reason for dropping this idea is due to the 8 year age difference between Jeremy Shada (Reggie) being 23 years old and Jadah Marie (Flynn) being 15 years old in real life).
  • He once fixed his amp (for his bass) in the rain, presumably causing him to get shocked (Finally Free). He likens Caleb's shocks to this.
  • He was quickly cheered up with the song This Band is Back (Reggie's Jam). The context of why the song was originally written is unknown, but both Luke and Alex immediately knew it would cheer him up.
  • In This Band is Back (Reggie's Jam), it was revealed that "Reggie" is short for "Reginald". Alex is the only character in the series so far that has called Reggie by his full name.
  • He owns at least two Red Flannels.
    • Of the trio of phantoms, Reggie has the least variety in terms of his wardrobe choices, often seen in some variation of his classic leather jacket outfit.
  • His signature color is most likely red because he is often seen wearing a red flannel, owns a red guitar, and was given a red butterfly suit by Caleb Covington in Stand Tall. Ironic enough the name "Reginald" letters can be rearranged to spell out the word "Red".
  • On December 9, 2020 his canonical last name was officially revealed as "Peters" on the official Julie and the Phantoms Instagram Page.
    • According to the actor that plays Reggie, Jeremy Shada said in his Instagram Post that "The show runners named him Peters after Paul Rudd’s character Peter Klaven in “I love you man.”[5]
  • In real life Jeremy Shada is the bassist player in his real life band just like his character Reggie.[6]
  • He is most likely a Star Wars fan because he gets mad in The Other Side of Hollywood when someone at the Hollywood Ghost Club tells him that Han Solo died. Upon finding out Han Solo died, he exclaimed: “They killed Han Solo? What kind of future is this?!”
  • Jeremy Shada mentioned in a interview that Reggie has a little brother.[4]
  • Reggie is rumored to be bisexual due to his “bromance” with Luke.
  • He has appeared in every episode so far along with Alex, Flynn, Julie, Luke and Nick.

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